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Icons in Transformation - All Saints' Riverside

We are a lively and welcoming faith community that celebrates the presence of God in all of life’s challenges. An ancient Christian theology, rooted in holy scripture, illuminated by Anglican tradition, and made contemporary though individual thought and reason anchor our commitment to serving the people of Riverside through worship, education, fellowship, and help for those in need.

Icons in Transformation, a 120-work exhibit featuring the art of
abstract expressionist Ludmila Pawlowska,
will make its California premier
here in Riverside.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with
The Riverside Art Museum in bringing this dramatic art exhibition

to the Inland Empire.

OCTOBER 31, 2015 – JANUARY 15, 2016

"Ludmila Pawlowska brings the whole world into her art.
Using pigment, painting paste, found objects, masonry, ceramic fragments,
wood, glass, burlap and a myriad of other materials, she creates
an inclusive metaphor for faith: it is both vast and intimate,
profoundly personal and yet universally recognizable
as a source of humanity and truth."

– Tanya Hartman, Art critic/Art Professor, University of Kansas

This exhibition was designed with sacred venues in mind to highlight
and explore the deep mysticism of the art.

The exhibit includes 12 large sculptural pieces that provide a stunning and
dramatic visual impression. Also included are 14 traditional icons painted
at the workshop of Vassilevsky Monastery in Suzdal, Russia.
“Icons in Transformation” uses traditional Russian icons as a source of
inspiration for this vibrant and spiritual contemporary art.

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We look forward to meeting you. We love God, and we love people, so wherever you are on your journey you are warmly welcomed here. We Celebrate the Holy Eucharist at 8:00 am & 10:00 am.

Join us Sunday morning at 9:00 am for an Adult Forum where we explore the many ways our lives intersect with the Gospel. We share and learn about Scripture and the great gifts it holds for us.

Our Sunday school is at 10:00 and we have a nursery for little ones, but they are also very welcomed in church. We hope you'll come celebrate the Good News with us sometime soon.

Light Roads by Ludmila Pawlowska

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